Combat ETA - A Service from Combat Networks

In addition to providing value added services like selecting your own priority on a service request, service level guarantees (not objectives), and simultaneous alarm monitoring and notifications, Combat is known in the industry for providing other great services that assist in maintaining the communications infrastructures to add simplicity and flexibility with our maintenance offerings

Combat is excited to launch our newest service offering to ALL Combat Networks contracted maintenance customers – Combat ETA

What is Combat ETA?

Combat developed a dispatch application that helps our customers and technicians better plan and manage their time when an event requires an on-site visit. Knowing exactly when a technician is expected and who is being dispatched is a simple, yet effective way of knowing that help is on the way.

How Combat ETA works:

When a service order requires an onsite technician, Combat’s (24x7x365 NOC) Network Operations Centre and Service Management Team will assign the technician to the ticket and set the dispatch tracker in motion. Simultaneously, an automated email will be sent to the originator of the service request that contains a web link to the Combat ETA Tracker.

What you will see:

Welcome to Combat ETA where Service matters! Your request for assistance has been processed and dispatched through Combat's interconnected online network aimed at providing you with the fastest service possible. Follow the "Combat ETA" link as an experienced, trained professional is on the way.

Now…..Follow your technician on Google Maps while on route to your location.